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Current Offerings

• Sketchy Nature (Jesus Tirado)
• The Writing Hub: Graphic Novels (Kaneesha Panchard & Kenneth Reveiz)
• Handmade Books (Gina Caciolo)
• Online Magazine (Mindi Englart)
• Write Now (Julia Calagiovanni)

Past Offerings

• Inside Edition (Judi Katz)
• O'Neill Playwriting (Yale Mentors)
• Online Magazine/Newspaper Club (Mindi Englart)
• The Writing Hub (Michelle Ho & the CCC/Kaneesha Pasard)
• Microdrama Challenge (Dipika Guha)
• SLAM Team (Solomon Green + Jovonne Pullen)
• Songwriting (Mark Sonnenblick)
• Composition and Rhetoric (Judi Katz)

Current & Past Faculty

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Jesus Tirado

Mr. Tirado holds an M.A. in History, an M.A. in Education, and a B.A. in History. The 2011-12 school year was his first at Co-op, and he is teaching US History I and II. For five years before coming to New Haven, he taught at a Waterbury, CT, independent school. He also teaches and assists with Constitutional Law at Co-op. He is College Board certified in AP World History.
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Judith Katz

Judith Katz has taught Creative Writing at Co-op since 1999 and has been Lead Teacher since 2003. She holds an M.A.L.S. in Literary Studies (concentration in writing) from Wesleyan University and a B.A. in Theater from Washington College and is certified through the Alternate Route to Certification program. Her work has been published in the recently released book Data Team Success Stories, the Yale New Haven Teacher’s Institute,, and small literary magazines. Her Signature Course at Co-op is Authentic Voice in Poetry. In addition to her regular teaching, she facilitates the Co-op After School Program, Inside Edition, teaches Composition 101 at Gateway Community College and, with Dr. Randall Horton, created The Poetry Corps Mentors, a community service group that brings UNH and Co-op student poets together. As part of Co-Op After School she teaches Essay Writing.
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O'Neill Playwriting Mentors

Coming Soon
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Julia Calagiovanni

Julia is a sophomore English major at Yale from Syracuse, NY. She is involved in campus journalism and volunteers with the Yale Hunger & Homelessness Action Project. She also enjoys helping out at the Yale Farm and drinking a lot of coffee. She is incredibly excited to be working with Co-Op students this fall on the Co-Op Review of the Arts for The Laramie Project!
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Kaneesha Parsard

Kaneesha is thrilled to catch up with her students and meet new participants as she returns to CAS to lead The Writing Hub. This fall, Hub will create poetry in individual and collaborative settings, and use workshops and trips to local art hubs to foster growth. Kaneesha was introduced to Hub as an co-leader through a creative non-fiction unit last fall, and then led a spring session in short stories. Outside of her work at CAS and the Co-Op Center for Creativity, Kaneesha is a 2nd year doctoral student in American Studies and African American Studies at Yale.
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Mindi Englart

Mindi Englart has taught Creative Writing at Co-op for 12 years. She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Hartford Art School, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University, and her teaching certification from Yale University. She has been a fellow of the Yale New Haven Teachers Institute, a teacher-consultant for the Connecticut Writing Project, and most recently received a Surdna Grant which enabled her to spend the summer of 2011 focused on advancing her own creative work. She is the author of 12 books of nonfiction for children, as well as poems, stories, and academic publications. In addition to teaching, she serves as the adviser for the school newspaper ( and for the annual literary magazine (Metamorphosis). Her signature course is Coop Publishing House, in which her students co-author a full-length book each semester.
“CAS has shown me what Co-op can really be when the student body puts their mind to it. All students who attend Co-Op are artists—thanks to these programs and clubs, students can express themselves more than others expect them to.”
CAS Student

Our Programming

• Programs meet from 2:30-4:30 during each Session.
• Clubs meet from 2:30-3:30 during each Session.
• Transportation (Bus Token) is available to all After School students.

Co-Op After School

Co-Op Arts and Humanties High School
177 College Street
New Haven, CT 06520

Special Thanks!

To our partners at:
• Dwight Hall at Yale
• New Haven Public Schools
• The Co-Op Center for Creativity
• Connecticut State Department of Education
“Writing is something that you can never do as well as it can be done. It is a perpetual challenge and it is more difficult than anything else that I have ever done.”
Ernest Hemingway